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A Superb Taste of Sugar Cured Country Ham From the Past

With our Sugargrove Sugar Cured Country Ham, Sugar Grove Ham Co. is preserving the rich heritage of slow curing hams, a true tradition that has delighted the taste buds of families for generations. From the farm to the ham house, which is located in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina, great care is taken in selecting the choice hams and ingredients that make up our authentic brown sugar cure.

The Select ingredients of our special dry cure are applied by hand to each individual ham. After the hams have absorbed the cure, they are removed from the hardwood curing racks, individually wrapped in kraft paper and hung from the rafters in nets to begin the aging process.

They remain through Mother Nature’s seasons to develop the wonderfully distinctive flavor of a slowly cured and aged Sugargrove Sugar Cured Country Ham.


Sugargrove Sugar Cured Country Hams

You are in for a real treat!

A Sugargrove Ham can be prepared and served by a variety of methods to suit the occasion. It will enhance many American, Spanish, French and Italian dishes.

A Sugargrove Ham is an excellent choice for any “Prosciutto” recipe. Whether served as an entree or as an appetizer, this ham will always become the main attraction.

Helpful Cooking Tips; Sugar Grove Hams

Mold is normally found on any slow cured and aged ham. It should be removed just prior to cooking or slicing the ham. Remove the netting and kraft paper. Then wash the ham under running tap water using a stiff bristle brush.

Grilled Ham

A really great way to bring out the natural flavor of Sugargrove Country Ham is to put it on a grill. Approximately one minute each side, your Sugargrove Country Ham will be ready to serve. To give it a very unique taste, use a charcoal grill. This brings out the natural taste of the ham.

Baked Ham

  1. After washing the ham, completely submerge it in cool water and allow to soak 12 to 24 hours.

  2. Remove ham and place with the skin side up in a covered roaster or cooking bag, with 1 to 2 inches of water.

  3. Place in 250ºF oven and bake until the internal meat temperature reaches 155ºF. Allow approximately 20 to 25 minutes per pound. For best results use a meat thermometer with the tip of the probe in the center of the ham, not touching the bone.

  4. Remove ham from roaster and trim off the skin and excess fat.

  5. Spread glaze of your choice over the ham and lightly brown in a 375ºF oven. Carve thin slices with a sharp knife beginning at the hock end. Cooking hints and glaze recipes are packed with each ham purchase.

About Sugargrove Ham Company, Taylorsville, Boone, North Carolina

Since 1997, all of us at Sugargrove Ham Company and our parent company Mays Meats of Taylorsville, NC are dedicated to the art and science of processing meat and delivering the freshest and best sugar-cured country hams to our customers located in Taylorsville, Boone, Lenoir, & Hickory, North Carolina. Our customers include both families, friends as retail customers and to wholesale accounts such as restaurants throughout the region. We are a wholesale distributor that can offer our top-of-the-line products, including meats to the general public.

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We take pride in our process and all of our products. If you are looking for authentic sugar cured and aged country hams, you are at the right place.